Would you like to learn massage techniques in a routine for personal use? Possibilities range from a back massage (i.e. for surfers), soothing head massage techniques for your child, to a relaxing full body massage. If you have any wishes or ideas about what you would like to learn, get in touch and we can discuss what i can help you with.

Are you a therapist looking for advice or a different sequence for massage treatments, in a workshop? You´re welcome to talk to me.

My approach is physical hands-on (deep tissue) massage, never loosing contact with the client´s body throughout a treatment in order to assure the client feels safe and can fully relax. Environment, scents of oils used, music and temperature are all important during a massage treatment. I believe massage also has a spiritual way of acting and therefore will include intuitive awareness exercises in order to help the person being treated best. (energetic) Cleansing and protection is also a subject addressed for your own well-being.

Techniques taught derive from different massage styles and my own experience.

Contact me if you would like to organize a workshop for yourself or your group with me!