"Do you feel your body could use some therapy or your soul and body a treat?

Get into a calm state of mind, relax with a Massage to soothe tension, recover from physical ailments and gain focus and energy for your next activities!" 

To help you best, I offer a range of massage treatments, employing manual physiotherapy and therapeutic exercises when required.

Professional therapist

All treatments are tailored to you and are delivered with care.

I´m a certified physiotherapist with many years of experience in, and a passion for, massage and exercise. Accredited in Portugal. More here.

Calm surrounding

You can find me in the village of Raposeira or conveniently book more than 1 mobile treatments (from me or my colleague) to Sagres, Vila do Bispo, Raposeira, Figueira, Budens and Burgau.

 Natural oils

loving the scents of the Algarve nature, I use locally made organic essential oil in almond oil.


Sports massage & deep tissue

Not only for athletes!  You will feel re-energized and renewed after a sports massage. This massage can enhance physical performance pre-event, warming & stretching muscles to increase range of motion. After sports, techniques may be used to reduce muscular pain and strain and aid with recovery. 

You may simply desire a massage that adresses deeper layers of the muscles, to help you reduce pain, stress and release toxins. During a deep tissue massage, deep pressure is applied in a slow fashion to dissolve contractures.

Techniques used include passive stretches and mobilizations, the big muscle groups are adressed with deep pressure. Movements are generally faster and more vigorous than during a relaxational massage. 

Therapeutic massage & lymphatic drainage

During a therapeutic massage, I will focus on a specific problem you are experiencing and treat the areas that are related. 

A therapeutic massage has the aim to relieve tension and pain. In severer cases, it may reignite an inflammatory proces in order to promote healing posteriorly. 

The goal is to help you recover from physical ailments and get you up and pain - free again.

Lymphatic drainage aids in draining excess fluid retention, relaxes and helps eliminating toxins.

Full body massage 

During a full body massage, I use techniques from the different massage styles and my experience. A full body massage is a relaxing, yet (to some extent) therapeutic and re-energizing experience.  My massage style is firm, dynamic and alternately, relaxing. Using flowing motion, accupressure and local pressure, oscillations, mobilizing techniques  and passive stretches, the amount of pressure will always be adapted to your personal preference.

deeply relaxing massage

Indulge in deep relaxation, loosing sense of time and space. This massage uses long, slower strokes, shaking techniques, gentle mobilizations and tapping. Pressure as required light, medium or mixed with strong pressure.

Warmth is used where useful.

Physical therapy - mobile to your home

If you need assistance in regaining full motion, function and strength, i can come to you for an assessment, exercise indication and guidance, and  hands - on treatment. I have years of experience in helping people with orthopedic (musculoskeletal) and neurological conditions, after surgeries, strokes and cancer but also for general build - up of physical condition.

Lets evaluate your goals and set up a treatment plan designed to help you best.

Duo massages - Indah + additional therapist

Are you a group* wanting a relaxing massage at the same time? We come with two experienced therapists! Massages will be adjusted to the clients wishes and needs. According to availability, therapists may vary, we will inform you in advance.          

We work from the Sagres region but may  visit you any where in the Algarve.

*minimum of 4 people

Reiki, Head & face massage

Reiki comes from the Japanese and may be translated as "universal energy" or "soul energy". The client lies down with their clothes on and the practitioner will position her hands lightly on different parts of the body. The tissues receive the hands´  radiating warmth, mostly leading to a state of deep relaxation. Let this gentle and harmonizing energy relax & refresh your senses.

In a head & face massage, deep relaxation is guaranteed, here you will undress the upper body and oil or cream is usually used. Leave refreshed and sparkling!

Chair massage 

Chair massage is a highlight at any event, giving the opportunity to take a break and relax on a massage chair, in good hands! No need to undress.

Chair massage is highly recommended for companies bringing benefits such as: increased focus & energy, more motivation, reduced stress and more. Contact me for offers.


Pilates is a method that combines breathing technique, concentration and movement in a controlled manner to prevent lesions. Many exercises derive from Yoga, stretches and dynamic exercises are alternated and special attention is given to the core muscles, surrounding the low back, abdomen and pelvis.

Regular Pilates classes are taking place in Vila do Bispo, all ages are welcome.

what clients say:


psychotherapist, UK

"Absolutely wonderful massage, attentive, attuned, knowledgeable and warm. Specific pain or generally to relax and release tension in my body feels so much better after a treatment from her. She is easy to get in contact and communicate with, friendly and professional - i would definitely recommend Indah to everyone!"



"After a serious accident, breaking both my arm and shoulder, I was prescribed a course of physiotherapy. I was dreading having to attend the hospital for this, mostly because I was unable to drive!

But then I discovered Indah, who was strongly recommended by people in my local village.

What a Godsend! She was willing to come to my house for sessions, which included massages and then physio in my pool. I progressed from paddling exercises and stretching to underwater boxing!

I would recommend Indah to anybody - she is firm but friendly, and made my sessions something to look forward to!"

Jan Martin

"I had a severely fractured tybia plateau , which resulted in operation to put screws and Iron plate. Luckely Indah came to my home to massage my leg and start with a soft physiotherapy from the start of my revalidation which has given my knee ( 6 months later) complete flexibility again (on the contrary of what was predicted).

After months on crutches my body was overall pretty stiff, so i called Indah for a complete massage and once again I was delighted and freed of muscular pains thanks to her "spot on" massage techniques.

Keep up the good work, Indah!

J. N.


"Muy bien masage y profesionalidad, tenía un"clic clac" cada vez que giraba el cuello, y al dia seguinte al masaje desapereció.... manos con profesionalidad y magia sin dua, Gracias!"

Mobile in Sagres & surroundings or at the studio 

Indah Weyler: Physiotherapist certified in Portugal, Professional registration: 11014 (ordem dos fisioterapeutas).

Indah + 351 911 754 890




Booking requests will be confirmed by e-mail or whatsapp. According to our availability, we may send you an alternative booking offer. Thank you!