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Soothe tension and pain, recover from physical ailments and regain energy for your activities! You may book massage treatments, physiotherapy, mobile Pilates & Yoga group classes.

All treatments are tailored to you and are delivered with care.

Sagres: Tues. Thurs. Fri. 9am - 1pm & upon request

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is a method that combines breathing technique, concentration and movement in a controlled manner to prevent lesions. Many exercises derive from Yoga, stretches and dynamic exercises are alternated and special attention is given to the core muscles, surrounding the low back, abdomen and pelvis. 

Pilates classes with a Yoga twist are taking place on Mondays at 10am at Moinho calmo in Vila do Bispo, everyone is welcome.

"After a serious accident, breaking both my arm and shoulder, I was prescribed a course of physiotherapy. I was dreading having to attend the hospital for this, mostly because I was unable to drive!

But then I discovered Indah, who was strongly recommended by people in my local village.

What a Godsend! She was willing to come to my house for sessions, which included massages and then physio in my pool. I progressed from paddling exercises and stretching to underwater boxing!

I would recommend Indah to anybody - she is firm but friendly, and made my sessions something to look forward to!"

William, Lagos

"I had a severely fractured tybia plateau , which resulted in operation to put screws and Iron plate. Luckely Indah came to my home to massage my leg and start with a soft physiotherapy from the start of my revalidation which has given my knee ( 6 months later) complete flexibility again (on the contrary of what was predicted).

After months on crutches my body was overall pretty stiff, so i called Indah for a complete massage and once again I was delighted and freed of muscular pains thanks to her "spot on" massage techniques.

Keep up the good work, Indah!

Jan Martin

"Absolutely wonderful massage, attentive, attuned, knowledgeable and warm. Specific pain or generally to relax and release tension in my body feels so much better after a treatment from her. She is easy to get in contact and communicate with, friendly and professional - i would definitely recommend Indah to everyone!"


Indah Health Massage

Physiotherapist since 2009, Professional registration: 11014 (ordem dos fisioterapeutas).

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