Sportsmassage and deep tissue

Not only for athletes! You will feel re-energized and renewed after a sports massage. This massage can enhance physical performance pre-event, warming & stretching muscles to increase range of motion. After sports, techniques may be used to reduce muscular pain and strain and aid with recovery.

You may simply desire a massage that adresses deeper layers of the muscles, to help you reduce pain, stress and release toxins. During a deep tissue massage, deep pressure is applied in a slow fashion to dissolve contractures.

Therapeutics and lymphatic drainage

Treatment will focus on a specific problem you are experiencing and on the areas that are related. A therapeutic massage has the aim to relieve tension and pain. 

Lymphatic drainage aids in draining excess fluid retention, relaxes and helps eliminating toxins.

Pregnancy massages are available and these may aim for general relaxation or target specific problems you´ re experiencing during your pregnancy.


If you need assistance in regaining full motion, function and strength, i can come to you. You may already have a treatment prescribed by your dr. or we can set goals and make a treatment plan that suits your needs.

In the 1st session we will do an intake, if needed a physical asessment and start treatment. I will guide you through specific exercises to do at home and will then apply a mostly manual treatment. Warmth, cupping and other tools may be used to help you recover.

Relaxing full body fusion

During a full body massage, I work intuitively combining different techniques.

A full body massage is a relaxing, yet (to some extent) therapeutic and also re-energizing experience.

My massage style is firm, dynamic and also deeply relaxing. Using flowing motion, accupressure, oscillations, mobilizing techniques and passive stretches.

Reiki, use of stones and cupping may be applied.

However, every treatment is adapted to your preference and need.


Reiki comes from the Japanese and may be translated as "universal energy" or "soul energy". 

The client lies down with their clothes on and the practitioner will position her hands lightly on different parts of the body. The tissues receive the hands´ radiating warmth, mostly leading to a state of deep relaxation.

I did my first Reiki course when i was still a child and have been practicing mostly for myself and my family.

 Let this gentle and harmonizing energy relax & refresh your senses.

Chair massage

Chair massage is a highlight at any event, giving the opportunity to take a break and relax on a massage chair, in good hands! No need to undress.

Chair massage is highly recommended for companies bringing benefits such as: increased focus & energy, more motivation, reduced stress and more. contact me for offers.

Foot massage

Using reflexology and general relaxing foot massage techniques, this treatment may help with certain symptoms and is also deeply relaxing. Pressure as required.

Head & face relaxation

This is a very relaxing treatment that will help rejuvenate and bring glow to your skin. Neck, face and head will be massaged, only natural products are used. Treatment may consist of massage only (using soft stones, and hands on massage) or may include cleanse & mask.

Pregnancy massage, Peri - natal

For general deep relaxation and pain relief. During pregnancy the body´s hormones change, the soft tissues become softer allowing to  accommodate your baby. This can sometimes be accompanied by back or hip pain since the usual stability in the joints is affected.

Pilates & exercise classes

Pilates & Yoga fusion classes at Moinho Calmo in Vila do Bispo on Mondays - 10am. All ages are welcome (classes are beginners - intermediate level). 10Eur.

You can also book private sessions: pregnancy Pilates, Yogalates fusion, general strength & flexibility, specific targets or book classes for your event. Outdoors or indoors!

Baby massage

To massage babies is very beneficial for their development and their well - being. Get in touch for more info.

I give baby massages as well as workshops for mothers on how to massage their babies.


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