up & downside of being a mobile masseuse


I love being mobile,  because every day is different and changing sceneries is often delightful and interesting. 

Also, it gives a very personal touch to every session with every client. Literally every body is different, and so are personalities, locations and chosen surroundings. 

The downside is that some places are rather hard to find or that  clients decide to be out instead of in.

Forgetting about their appointment with a loyal massage therapist who has taken the time and effort to come over, to a closed door, they´ve long headed for dolphin watching or distant beaches and are out of reach. 

A coffee instead of a massage later, I feel like this was a deserved break and I´ve set new goals to improve communication, some things are so simple, yet unignorable. 

Looking forward to the rest of the week, offering high-energy sports, wellness & therapeutical massages to retreating yogis, tourists from all walks of life on the beach, and my long term clients and patients. See you there!