Indian head massage


Indian head massage, or "Champi" in Hindi, has evolved over thousands of years, coming from a tradition of family grooming, it is often part of every day life in India.

It can relieve stress and tension (headaches), relax the neck, head and facial muscles and encourage healthy hair growth and shine by improving blood circulation and relaxing the muscles around the scull.

Indian head massage is originally perfomed with the receiving person seated, so that the head is free. Yet, it is more comfortably performed lying down on a massage table.

As a treatment it can be integrated into events and weddings, be given as a part of a full body massage or as a separate treatment. Oil may be used but is not mandatory and clothes may be left on with only top straps down. Upper back, shoulders, neck, head, face and ears are massaged with strokes, pressure points, small circles, and gentle pulls on the hair. It usually takes around 30 minutes and will leave you with a smile on your face!